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Garage Doors

 If your garage door is rotting or falling apart, we can replace a section or the whole thing. We can repair your existing door including new sections, rollers, hinges or most other parts. But a brand new garage door can add curb appeal as well as functionality to any home. Check out our "DOORS" page to check out the styles available.


Garage Door Openers

A garage door opener can be a wonderful convenience. However, when not working properly, garage door openers can also become a great nuisance. We service most makes and models of garage door openers*. We also install new garage door openers with all the safety features and convenience you're looking for.

*Garage door openers that do not meet federal, state, or local laws can not be serviced.


All garage doors have a counterbalance spring. This spring helps offset the weight of the garage door making it easier for you or your garage door opener to lift the garage door. If your door will not open, you may have a broken spring. Do not try to open your door if you believe there is a broken spring. The door can come crashing down causing serious damage, injury, and even death. Call us to have a trained service professional repair your door. We have the proper tools and experience to get the job done quick and safe.


If your door is going up and down crooked or if one side closes and the other is still a foot off the ground you may have a broken cable.  The cables are under extreme tension and should not be cut or unattached. We can change cables quick and safely.

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Parts and Accessories

Lost your remote? Want to add a keyless entry pad? We offer universal products that match up to most model garage door openers. You can also add the new myQ accessories to a new garage door and control your door as well as the lights in your house remotely from anywhere in the world. We also sell 

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